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Looking for a great deal on used drill pipe? E&M Supply Group has it – all API and DS1 certified by third-party inspectors and at the best possible prices you will find. Because of our experience and focused knowledge, E&M is able to acquire high quality used drill pipe, and in turn, pass on the savings to end-users. Proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and our extensive worldwide purchasing network has helped make E&M the largest used drill pipe supplier in the business, as well as the most efficient choice.

Especially in such a competitive field as drilling, finding economical solutions are a large part in maintaining a strong business model. That’s why its important to find economical alternatives when they can be beneficial to your company. Premium drill pipe is in excellent working condition, and because it’s used, it saves you lots of money. It will operate just as well as new drill pipe, but costs significantly less.

The majority of used drill pipe that E&M Supply Group gets comes from the offshore drilling industry. All the used drill pipe that we sell has been inspected by a third-party company, and inspection reports are provided. Using standards set forth by TH Hill (DS-1) as well as the American Petroleum Insitute (API), the inspection company determines the class of the used drill pipe, which specifies the performance limits of the drill pipe. For example, if the pipe meets class I specs (white band) then it is approved for deep well drilling (O&G) or long bore crossings (HDD). If the used pipe only meets class II specs (yellow) then it is only approved for shallow O&G wells or “drill and leave” applications in HDD. Class III may only be used in water well applications and class IV is considered junk or structural drill pipe.

Before inspection, E&M Supply Group cleans the drill pipe in our Hub City cleaning machine. This machine “rattle” cleans the old drill mud and other debris from the ID and also brushes/cleans the OD. After inspection, any thread repairs needed are performed, the connections are doped, and the thread protectors are installed.

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