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Leading Drill Pipe Supplier

Since 1987 E&M Supply Group has been a leading drill pipe supplier and so drill pipe is what we do best! Our South Louisiana location allows for easy access to an ongoing supply of drill pipe that has been liquidated from the Gulf of Mexico offshore drilling industry. Although we buy used drill pipe mainly from the Gulf of Mexico, we also maintain a purchasing network that involves all the major drilling contractors and rental companies around the world.

E&M Supply Group is the largest provider of remanufactured drill collars and remanufactured heavy-weight drill pipe in the industry. Throughout our history we have supplied the drilling and rental industry with top quality stub-welded drill collars and heavy-weight. We utilize only a select few machine shops for remanufacturing, all of whom have mastered the field proven stub-welding procedures that have been used in the industry for decades.

We also supply a complete line of new drill pipe, drill collars, heavy-weight, and kellies. We have a commanding knowledge of all phases of manufacturing of drill string components, and we represent only those manufacturers who demonstrate a commitment to quality control and who are registered with the American Petroleum Institute (API).

Are you looking to buy drill pipe, buy drill collars, buy heavy-weight, buy casing, or buy kellies? If you take a moment to explore our website you will see that you have found the right place. As the leading drill pipe supplier, we are here to help. Contact us today at 337.332.0239

Also, E&M Supply Group will buy used drill pipe, buy used drill collars, and buy used heavy-weight that you have downgraded or retired, and we will liquidate it for you.


E&M Supply Group was founded in 1987 by Mark Rohrberger. Initially, Mark was the sole employee and he operated the business from his home with only the help of his wife to keep the books. The venture was a success from the start. Mark soon outgrew his home office and within one year he was leasing office and rack space at a small pipe yard and office modular near his home in Cade, LA. Although times were very tough in the oil and gas industry during these early years, E&M Supply Group was off and running. Mark was quickly earning a reputation for integrity and dedication to his customers.


The business continued to grow and in 1991 E&M Supply Group took up occupancy on Verot School Rd. at HWY 90 in Lafayette, LA (next to Franks Casing). This new location had 2 acres of rack space along with additional office space. Over the next two years Mark would add two key employees to the company, a yard manager and a secretary. Marlo Romero was hired as secretary and has helped E&M grow to what it is today. She is still with the company and now serves as Office Manager.

Mid 1990’s

During the mid-1990’s E&M expanded their market to include a new but rapidly growing industry known as HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling). This diversification combined with an already broad Oil and Gas market share caused E&M to quickly outgrow its current location. In 1995 E&M Supply Group moved to a 4.5 acre yard on Southpark HWY 89 in Youngsville, LA.

Late 1990’s

In the late 1990’s the oil and gas industry went through hard times again. As luck would have it, however, the HDD industry was booming and E&M continued its success. It was during this time that Mark’s son Ryan Rohrberger would join the company. Ryan would work his way through the company learning every phase of drill pipe management and yard operations over the next few years. Ryan still works for E&M today in the role of sales and purchasing, while at the same time presiding over the multi-functional machine shop which he started in recent years with his brother. Founded in 2004, South Louisiana Machine has been a great support company and vendor for E&M Supply Group.


In 2000 Ryan’s brother, Brandon Chesnut, joined E&M and still serves today as General Manager and in sales and purchasing. Brandon has a background in drill pipe inspection and has a business degree from LSU. With a full staff in place E&M would see its greatest growth in the coming years. The company was primed and ready to take full advantage of a booming oil and gas industry in the mid-2000’s. In 2004 the company moved to its current facility in Breaux Bridge, LA. The new yard is located on the Breaux Bridge Hwy (Mills Ave) and is a 10 acre pipe yard, complete with two covered pavilions for servicing drill pipe, and additional metal buildings.


Finally able to settle in and with room to spread their wings, the company added a state of the art Hub City pipe cleaning machine, and in 2008 built a new office building on the property. South Louisiana Machine is also on the property. The machine shop has three hollow spindle lathes, two turret lathes, two sub-arc welders, and serves nearly all of E&M Supply Group’s machine shop needs.


With all its faculties now at hand, E&M Supply Group has found a permanent home at their current facility in Breaux Bridge. E&M employs 19 people as of 2012, and in an unstable and unpredictable industry, the company has shown that it can weather the storm and will continue its path of growth and success. Contact the leading drill pipe supplier today for help with drill pipe needs