Heavy-Weight Drill Pipe

E&M Supply Group sells used, remanufactured, and new heavy-weight drill pipe. Used heavy-weight drill pipe, when found in good condition, can be a great investment for any drilling contractor. Heavy-weight drill pipe that has become too short can be remanufactured through a process known as stub-welding. Stub-welding is achieved through a sub-arc welding procedure that has been widely used since the early 1980’s. This welding procedure is the exact same procedure that was first introduced in the manufacturing of new heavy-weight drill pipe. There are only around 7 machine shops in the entire country that utilize this “tried and true” stub-welding procedure, and the south Louisiana region is home to 5 of them. E&M Supply Group uses these machine shops to remanufacture our heavy-weight. E&M Supply Group also sells new heavy-weight drill pipe. Our main suppliers of new heavy-weight are Smith Services (USA)Hilong Group (China), and Drill Pipe Masters (China)“.


Heavy-weight drill pipe is another component of the drill string and is used in conjunction with the drill pipe and drill collars. “Heavy-weight” was introduced to the drilling industry in the late 1970’s and has become very common since then. This relatively young tubular has found various uses in the drill string. Most commonly it is used as a transition between the drill pipe and the heavier drill collars. In some applications, heavy-weight also can be used instead of the drill collars. Most commonly, heavy-weight drill pipe is used as a transition between the normal drill pipe and the heavier drill collars. Drill collars are used directly above the bit at the bottom of the drill string and are mainly used for weight on bottom. The extreme stress and vibrations that drill collars are made to endure is usually also passed on to the tubulars that are a few hundred feet above the drill collars. Standard drill pipe is not made to withstand the majority of these conditions, so heavy-weight drill pipe is used in this portion of the drill string. Heavy-weight drill pipe looks very similar to normal drill pipe, although it has some major differences that enable it to withstand tougher conditions. Heavy-weight drill pipe is made of the exact same material as a drill collar, except that it is machined to a more slender form, similar to drill pipe, which allows more flexibility than a drill collar. In some applications, heavy-weight drill pipe may also be used in place of the drill collars. This is most common in directional oil well drilling, where the orientation of the oil well is such that a horizontal approach is better suited than a standard vertical decent into the well. The flexibility of the heavy-weight allows for a sharper change in the drilling direction, while the weight on the drill bit can still be maintained.

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