E&M Supply Group sells new and used kellies. Our used kellies come mainly from asset liquidation in the offshore drilling industry and also from the land drilling industry. Each used kelly sold by E&M Supply Group is inspected by Tuboscope NOV and the standards for this inspection are set forth by the American Petroleum Institute (API). All kellies must pass a full-length magnetic particle inspection (MPI) which verifies that there are no surface cracks on the working area of the kelly or the threads. Once passed inspection, E&M Supply Group rates the kelly as percentage “of new” based on the wear pattern found on the working area of the kelly. It is then painted and staged for sale at our 10-acre facility. E&M Supply Group also sells new kellies. Our new kellies come from only reputable A.P.I. certified manufacturers. All new kellies are sent out in shipping scabberts which are included in the price. Upon request, shipping scabberts can also be supplied with used kellies.


The kelly is a specialty tubular located on the drilling rig. It is used as a drive bar to lower the drill string into the ground, and also to rotate the drill string during drilling. Each joint of drill pipe is attached to the bottom of the kelly, one at a time, and is lowered into the hole. The kelly is rotated by the kelly drive bushing which is located in the rotary table on the rig floor, and in turn, the kelly rotates the entire drill string and drill bit. The working area of the kelly can be either square shaped, or hexagonal shaped. The square or hex shape of a kelly is what enables the kelly to be turned by the rotary table and kelly drive bushing.

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